Euros from tomorrow

You do not get to see 16 teams from Europe in the World Cup also. So when 16 European teams play in a tournament, it should guarantee some phenomenal match-ups and great technical skills. When co-hosts Switzerland takes on the Czechs tomorrow, the 2008 edition of one of the most competitive football championships would start.

There are two matches everyday(every night in South East Asia) and when you have teams like Gremany, France, Holland, Italy,Spain, Sweden, Portugal playing one after another, this tournament should be something special. It could throw up an unknown quantity like Greece who can go and spring a surprise to some of the potential contenders like France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal etc. There is so much happening outside the Euros like Ronaldo’s future, Viera’s injury etc that can also play in the minds of the teams.

France seem to be the most talented side with the right amount of youth and experience, flair and skills, temperament and grit. Can Ribery be the star of the tournament and walk away with the European player of the year award? Can Samir Nasri make an impact and thereby demand a better wage from Arsenal? Can Diarra justify his selection ahead of the likes of Flamini? Can Benzema combine with Henry and provide the goals that go missing when France play in some big tournaments. All these will be answered in a few days time when you see the team in blue in action.

Possible starting XI:
Sagnol  Gallas  Thuram  Abidal
Ribery  Viera  Malouda
Benzema Henry

My other favourite team, Spain is playing it very safe and not making any big noise about being one of the strong contenders in this championship. They have a strong and creative midfield and if they can bang in the goals, they should make for an interesting team for the knockout stage. They seem to be in a relatively easier group this time around and should be one of the favourites to make it all the way. if Aragones decides to go with two forwards in Torres and Villa, it could mean that Fabregas might not make it to the starting XI.

Possible starting XI:


Ramos  Marchena  Puyol  Capdevila


Xavi  Fabregas  Iniesta  Silva


I hope to catch the first match on weekdays and possibly the second match aswell if one of the star team is playing. Can’t miss this edition of Euro!!!


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