Euro 2008 Preview

The temporary break from Football watching is about to end in a week’s time when UEFA Euro 2008 starts on 7th June, Saturday. Probably the toughest football tournament in terms of sheer competitiveness, the sixteen teams in 4 groups are probably the best in Europe except for say the host nations – Austria and Switzerland. Some of the best stars who play their trade in England, Italy, Spain and Germany would be the dominant players in this tournament.

Of the four groups, Group C is the one that will provide all the thrills with France, Italy, Netherlands and Romania fighting for the two places. France and Italy have been playing against each other for some time now – The World Cup finals, the Euro 2008 Qualifiers, so they know each other quite well. Netherlands and Romania were in the same group for Euro 2008 qualifiers and Romania infact qualified above Netherlands, so that is also a well contested battle on the cards.

Group A should see one of the favourites this year and last year’s finalist Portugal qualifying with Czech Republic, who have been weakened following the injury to Rosicky and Nedved’s unavailability. Portugal has handed over the captaincy and jersey no 7 to Ronaldo and hope that he continues on the rich vein of form that he is in this season.

Group B has one of the firm favourites Germany all set to play the adventurous football that they have been playing for some time. Croatia is an underdog in this tournament and though Eduardo is out with his broken  leg, they have enough quality to spring a surprise.

Group D sees the perennial under-achievers Spain taking on the likes of boring Greece, adventurous Russians and the stylish Swedes. This again will be a tough group as the four teams look evenly matched.

I will be supporting Spain & France in this edition so more on these teams later.



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3 responses to “Euro 2008 Preview

  1. Italy will win because the whole nation is to ask.

  2. david

    Yeah dude!!! Support France!!! This time we’ll win!!!

  3. freekicker

    Melandroweb – Italians are a strong team, but somehow don’t have the flair of the French

    David – Buddy, I am supporting France for Ribery and Samir Nasri…I think Henry, Viera etc should make way for the youngsters…they need a good start for the Euro, else it could be trouble

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