Of EPL wages & finance and Samir Nasri

Deloitte published it’s much publicised Annual Review of Football Finance today which covers all the European leagues. It is not any secret anymore that EPL pays its players the highest wages and also bring in the most money by the TV deals as well as the other marketing activities. Chelsea and Manchester United top the list of clubs running on debts and poorly managed as a Footballing club when you look at the Finance part of it.

Arsenal though are third on the list but they have been well planned with respect to the move to Emirates stadium. The assets owned by the club are the highest in England. The stadium utilisation has been the highest in the league at 99.5% and this goes on to show the fans flocking the stadium to see the beautiful passing game of Arsenal.

Telegraph gives a club by club analysis.

Various news websites have reported the signing of Samir Nasri but it is better to be confirmed once the official statement is made on this. The French team for Euro has seen Diarra and Nasri making the grade and Flamini not making it. Probably Diarra got the nod ahead of Flamini because Diarra might be a more flexibile asset to the team as he can play right back as well.

Nasri can play both on the left as well as the centre and would straightaway replace Hleb if he leaves the club. More as and when something concrete is reported.



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2 responses to “Of EPL wages & finance and Samir Nasri

  1. david

    Nasri would be a worth buy. Creative, skillfull, young…maybe the only thing for now that he is not as fast as your players…but he is quite good…

  2. freekicker

    Ya man saw a bit of him in some of the matches…looks very skilful…other than not being fast he has a small built, I hope he doesn’t get fouled in the EPL. But his transfer is not yet confirmed 😦

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