Arsenal go down fighting…for the next season

Yes this is the end of this season’s title bid for this season. And I am sure Ferguson would be the more relieved of the two managers as I am sure he would accept a 1-1 score line as Arsenal wrecked havoc in Old Trafford. This match was described by Ferguson as the best match of the year so far and credit should be given to Arsenal for playing bravely in front of the Old Trafford crowd. It was all Arsenal in the first half but United showed their depth by bringing in Anderson and Tevez and the game changed. The winner from Hargreaves was a well taken free-kick which sealed the win for Manchester United.

Hleb had a wonderful match and his flowing football was in display as he weaved through the United defence as though they were not there. Fabregas sprayed passes around the ground as Gilberto held ground for one of his better performances of the season. Clichy as usual was brilliant and Song getting a rare call up for this key match also gave a decent performance despite the few blips in concentration. On the other hand, Ronaldo was reined in by the Gunners and Rooney had couple of chances in the first half. Lehmann had a wonderful game to show that he is still agile and fit to be under the bars.

I am proud of my team. They played well to be on top of the league for a long period of the season. Injuries to Van Persie, Rosicky, Eduardo, Sagna and Hleb means that this team had not got to play its first XI for a long time. I think of all the people missed, Eduardo was the key as he would have put away a lot of the chances that Adebayor missed in this match and in many before this one. Bendtner was also the culprit in heading straight at the goalie. What we need is a striker like Torres who will finish most of the many chances that the midfield creates.

This was the team that many of the so called football experts and pundits had written off. Liverpool and Tottenham will all finish above Arsenal and without Henry this team would be no competition lik before. Come the offseason, there are going to be more rumours on Hleb, Flamini and Fabregas leaving for clubs in Spain and Italy. Like Wenger said, his biggest challenge would be to keep this team together for next season as I think, they will be the best gelled team in the league next year and hopefully we will fight for the title next year.


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