Chelsea – Arsenal = Drogba

The title kind of suggests what I feel about last night’s performance at Stamford Bridge. There was a wealth of difference between the two sides, some might even call it the match between the beauty and the beast,but if getting 3 points when you are in a bad phase and you are grinding out victories, so be it, I would like Arsenal to be the beast. Drogba once again proved to be the thorn and scored a brace within the gap of a few minutes to take Chelsea past Arsenal on the points table.


Arsenal once again looked like having no plan B and a good bench strength. It is creditable for Wenger to see his young team come so far in a season where everyone had written them off after Henry’s departure,but this looks like as far as this team can go. When you have players like Nani and Tevez coming off the bench for Manchester United, you might have a re-think of your policy on going for young players. The season is not yet over, but one win in 8 matches or something is the first time in the last decade or so in Arsenal’s history.


When Sagna flicked the goal in from a corner, it looked as if Arsenal will be the team to beat them at Stamford Bridge yet again. But the joy was short-lived as the once stable centre backs Gallas and Toure committed errors and could not keep Drogba from scoring. Almunia had a good match and he prevented Drogba from scoring a hat-trick by a really good save.

Maybe this league will prove to very competitive and turn up some interesting results in the next few matches.


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