My predictions after the Boro debacle

This could turn out to be crucial points lost in a week where the nearest rivals Manchester united and Chelsea both grind out 1-0 wins to get full points and Liverpool also gained maximum points. A Toure header towards the end of the match saved the blushes for Arsenal in a match where the domination was clearly by the home side but finished poorly inside the box.

Though I would not want to comment on refereeing decisions, the ref has to explain why he disallowed the Adebayor goal. Having said that, Arsenal didnt look like taking a shot at goal for all the build-up play. So Manchester United go in front by goal difference and they have a game in hand (Bolton at home) and can go 3 points in front come the Super Sunday on March 23rd. And Chelsea have a chance to be same on points too by mid week.

Here is how the next few league matches look for Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea

Match # Arsenal(67) Manchester United(67) Chelsea(64)

Match#30 Boro (H) Bolton (A) 1 Tottenham (A) 1

Match#31 Chelsea (A) 1 Liverpool (H) 1 Arsenal (H) 1

Match#32 Bolton (A) 3 Aston Villa (A) 3 Middlesbrough (H) 3

Match#33 Liverpool(H) 1 Middlesbrough(A) 3 Man City (A) 1

Match#34 Man Utd (A) 1 Arsenal (H) 1 Wigan(H) 3

Match#35 Reading (H) 3 Blackburn (A) 1 Everton (A) 1

Match#36 Derby (A) 3 Chelsea (A) 1 Man Utd (H) 1

Match#37 Everton (H) 3 West Ham (H) 3 Newcastle (A) 3

Match#38 Sunderland (A) 3 Wigan (A) 3 Bolton (H) 3

Total Points Arsenal – 95, Manchester United – 94, Chelsea – 91

Is this possible? Well you never know


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One response to “My predictions after the Boro debacle

  1. 433

    That’s the spirit. United already got the full 3 versus Bolton, but they can drop that elsewhere.

    We tried an experimental post for this weekend’s preview ( I’ve got Arsenal and Liverpool winning.

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