Another 2 points dropped

This is becoming a season of draws for Arsenal as Wigan held onto the League leaders in a pitch fit to play rugby not football. With only one loss in the season so far Arsenal have now drawn 9 games!!! Which means they have conceded 18 points to opponents. Now this could also mean that we did not lose those matches as well. Manchester United have drawn 4 and lost 4, which means they have conceded 20 points to opponents. So that leaves them 2 points behind us with a game in hand.

Arsenal had their chances as early as the first minute when Fabregas put Adebayor through to goal and he only had Kirkland to beat but could not. Adebayor had couple more chances in the match but he could not do anything with what was presented to him. This has been a season like that for him where his form has been on both extremes in a matter of a match or two. Fabregas was also out of touch strangely and came close with a header in the first half. Injuries meant Fabregas played in the right side of midfield with Gilberto and Flamini in the centre of the park and Hleb on the left. But Gilberto is increasingly looking tired and out of touch and he seems all set to be sold off come the end of the season. He had a bad match.

Adebayor and Bendtner played together yet again. There was not much to talk about. Second half saw Van Persie coming in for Bendtner but there was not much that he could do also. He had a free kick hit way above the target which showed how much rusty he has been ever since he got injured. Lots of time needs to be spent in the training ground before he can become sharp and focussed.

Manchester United has a chance to go ahead on Saturday when they play away to Derby. Arsenal play Middlesbrough on the same day. This season looks like going all the way down to the wire.


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