Can we beat Milan?



I think we can if we put in a performance like we did at Emirates. The away goal will come to matter if we score at San Siro. And I think, if Arsenal score once this tie is in the pocket given that it will be difficult to score twice against Arsenal. But having said that, Milan team is a tiger at home. Last year the way they destroyed Manchester United is good enough to unsettle any team.

One good news for Arsenal is that Seedorf will not be featuring in this match. He has been a key player in their recent pursuits of European glory. Contrary to some reports, Kaka might be playing in this match as he will be key to how Milan perform offensively on Tuesday night. Emerson and Jankulovski were also injured in their recent clash which makes it a slight bother for Ancelloti. Their 1-1 draw in the Serie A match on the weekend means they are on a slightly subdiued form at present. But we all know that AC Milan in Serie A and AC Milan in Champions League are two different teams.

Arsenal on the other hand have been having long term injury problems. Van Persie and Toure might start on the bench for this match and will probably feature in the second half. Saving a point against Aston Villa in the Premier League would have done their confidence a wee good, but the manner in which they played the entire match would be a cause for concern for Wenger. His team looks very thin and the subs used in that match are just not there with respect to quality. We need Persie and Rosicky back as soon as possible.

But a victory tomorrow night will give the side the right impetus to forge ahead in the Premier League and will stand them in good stead for a fighting chance in the Champions League. There has been criticism of the approach taken by Wenger in promoting youth in winning the European Crown by the former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi. This is going to be a vindication of Wenger’s wisdom and I would like to see him come out of this victorious.



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21 responses to “Can we beat Milan?

  1. Alvaró rios


  2. javad ghaffari

    i love f.inzaghi

  3. kimi


  4. reme

    only ac milan ya ali

  5. esmatoullah

    hallo ich bin esmatoullah asadi ich komme aus afghanistan ich kann noch nicht gut detsch sprechen aber ich kann schon schreiben ohne feh ler

  6. Yudha

    Apapun yg terjadi inzaghi is the best

  7. Anonymous

    Ac milan is the best,go I Rossoneri..Beat your enemy’s..

  8. Yanyan

    Lawan lazio hanya permulaan, lihat aja ntar pasti scudeto!

  9. Let’s goñe be by goñe,

  10. Satria

    Hayo Maju Milan,rbut scudeto lg…

  11. Selly

    Kaka the best
    Trio KAPARO only in milan
    Forza milan
    Love u kaka

  12. kut ac milan i heat your team.
    stuppid kaka

  13. ahred

    as if a.c is the best in the west

  14. ahred

    i hat u ahred

  15. vAnDa. .

    cAaYoO kAkA’. .
    kAkA’ iS d’bEsT. .
    LuV U. .

  16. Badut

    Kaka your the best.

  17. RYSTA

    CAHYOO…4 KAKA ……………….

  18. sHeiLa

    c4Yoo… k4k4,,,
    m4ju tYuz pnT9 munDur,,,
    LuPh u 4ever

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