Crucial period for Arsenal

This season in the English Premier League has been one of the most closely fought with not just Arsenal and Manchester United running neck and neck, but also the third place team, Chelsea so close to the second placed team that any goof up from the top two teams can lead to them climbing up. Between Arsenal and Man Utd,the lead has been passed just once around Xmas time and Arsenal have since then steadied the ship.

Manchester United smell a chance in the next two fixtures of the league as they take on the minnows Fulham and Derby and 6 points here could put pressure on Arsenal not to slip up. They need a win at home against Aston Villa, overcome AC milan in what could be a season defining match and then beat Wigan away. This could prove to be a very tricky month for Arsenal as the schedule for March looks like this :

H Aston Villa

A Wigan

H Middlesbrough

A Chelsea

A Bolton

And in between the Villa match and Wigan match, there is the all-important match at San Siro, which if this young team wins, can be a booster to the entire team to go further in Europe.How Wenger will rotate his resources in the absence of Eduardo and Van Persie’s continued absence is the key. “Bendtner and Adebayor cannot play together” has been heard enough and I think if there is one person who can fix it, it could be Wenger. How he moulds this team in this crisis situation is the key to this season.

Villa is one of the teams I like to watch mainly for Young and Abgonhalor. But for tomorrow I wish and pray that Arsenal put it past them and we get all the three points so that we can go into the Champions League on a high. C’mon Gunners


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