Two points and a striker lost

Eduardo’s injury in the beginning of the match shook up the entire team and ended in a bitter end to the match. Arsenal recovered from a goal down thanks to some inspirational play in the second half from Walcott but conceded in the last few seconds of stoppage time to a very very rare moment of madness/lapse in concentration from Clichy.

1 goal advantage is always under risk as Arsenal found out sadly in this match where an equaliser in the last few seconds made it look like a defeat and got Man Utd closer to Arsenal. A could have been eight point lead was turned to a six point lead before Man Utd take on Newcastle. It was a day where the Ref also for the decisions wrong. It was one of those days. The freekick given against Flamini which resulted in the first goal was never there and the penalty given against Clichy was also a wrong decision. clichy clearly touched the ball and it was NOT a penalty. These are championship deciding decisions which need to be given that weightage before pointing to the spot.

But you might ask what was Clichy thinking when he left the ball to be collected by the Birmingham player when he should have been clearing it away from the box. Gallas’ reaction was also a little on the hyper side. He was very emotional after the defeat but he is the team captain and he cannot be at the other half when the opposition is taking a penalty. Having blamed the referee I think the team also had to take their chances and take a two goal lead with all the chances they got. Adebayor in particular had an off day and he missed many chances. One in particular when he could have passed to Bendtner who was clear.

It is the business end of the premiership and Arsenal cannot lose steam. They have lost four points to Birmingham this season and they cannot afford to lose anymore.

Eduardo’s injury seems to be very serious and this could mean that Arsenal will have to get Persie ready in double quick time and Bendtner and Adebayor to start in every match till then. Walcott might also get the nod to partner Adebayor in a couple of them when Eboue is back from suspension. May Eduardo recover soon and get to play in Euro 08.


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One response to “Two points and a striker lost

  1. Benjamin

    It was so horrible and shocking, well i wish him a quick recovery and that he gets back back to the filled as soon as possible. it was a bad tackle, these things happens but players should learn not to do them and i think a stiffer penalty must be put in place for safety

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