Long Absence and a 5 point lead

For all the faithful readers of my blog, I am really sorry for the long delay in posts…Work has been hectic and has been taking me places and finally I am on holiday in Kerala, after an year. Kerala is one of the few football crazy states in India (after the fanatic West Bengal, Goa and to some extent Sikkim and North east).

It has been a great weekend for Arsenal with Man Utd losing to Man City and Chelsea and Liverpool sharing points. Arsenal dominated most of the game against Blackburn Rovers and in India it was at 1.30 AM (better than KL, it would have been 4AM there). Senderos rose high, unchallenged to score the first in the 4th minute and Adebayor scored a well taken shot 2 minutes before the end of the match. I thought Hleb, Sagna, Gilberto (lot of you might not agree) had a good game. Flamini and Fabregas missed a coupe of chances, but I wont complain if we keep a clean sheet, score 2 goals and get 3 points.

Not much time to write more…enjoy till the weekend biggie against Man Utd.


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One response to “Long Absence and a 5 point lead

  1. 433

    Are you missing elections today?

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