A night to forget

Well, I saw the match in the early hours of Wednesday here and could not go back to sleep. The way Jenas, Keane and Lennon outplayed the Gunners were scary and I would not want to see something like this again. These kind of defeats happen only once in a really long while and it will be a match where the opposition play out of their skins and we defend like suckers. There are lots of points to ponder on this match.

And to top the misery there was an unnecessary clash of passionated fury from Adebayor and Bendtner which now will be examined by FA. The reasons look to be silly if it is true. Another thing we need now is a suspension to either of them. With Persie injured and Walcott nowhere near the expected finished article, Eduardo seems to be the only option. Are we short of forwards? Van Persie is one player who has disappointed the team for couple of seasons now. He plays for one third of the seaons and then goes missing due to injury…but all that for another day.

We lost to Spurs because Spurs were the better team, playing better football and was the team that wanted to win the Cup. They had the desire. This was missing in the Arsenal team as half the team had to be changed due to injuries and other reasons. So Gallas and Sagna played in the back four, Hleb and Gilberto played in the middle and Bendtner and Walcott were upfront. Gallas had a very bad game getting beaten on couple of occasions. And Fabianski was a bit suspect under the bar. Overall the team played badly.

The forward line was very faulty. Walcott was completely inactive upfront. He still needs a long time to get his act going. Bendtner tried too hard and conceded the own goal. Later on Adebayor and Eduardo were introduced into the team and Ade scored the equaliser, but too little too late. What is worrying again is the firpower of our forward line, where all the current fit forwards played in a match and we scored one and conceded five.  Wenger will have to rethink his strategy as Keegan would be getting ideas to stop this Arsenal team now. Hope the team bounces back against Newcastle in the FA cup on saturday.


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