Off the field

Its been sometime since I have written something about happenings off the field. So here goes.

Came across this claim in Daily Mail that Manchester United Football club has an astonishing fanbase of 333 million!!! yes, thats like 5% of the entire population of this world.

So I decided to find out more about this company TNS which did the survey for MU. And in their website I came across this analysis of a case study done on how the Chelsea sponsorship helped the Samsung brand. It is quite a nice read.

And here is a website which gives European Football Statistics. They claim –

The target of this site is to collect european football statistics which are not easily found on internet. It isn’t our target to have the latest results and tables of various leagues. There are a lot of other sites having this information updated very well. Despite that we want to update the statistics in this site as quick as possible.


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