Ladies & gentlemen please welcome Jurgen Klinsmann

When Bayern coach Hitzfeld had made it clear that he would be resigning by the end of the season, the footballing world was put on red alert that Bayern is looking for a coach. Media linked everyone from Mourinho to Benitez for that job, but ultimately they chose a man who has been one of the most exciting new managers to have evolved out of a footballer. And he is the dashing Jurgen Klinsmann.


He will join Bayern at the end of this season from US and was unveiled to the media yesterday. The board went for their ex-player who did a brilliant job for Germany as a player and an even better job as a coach. His mindset was always to attack and hence his team has the desire to think like him. This was seen in the German team of 2006 World Cup. I am keenly looking forward to how he works with the likes of Ribery, Luca Toni, Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Klose etc. This team could be the team to watch out for next year in the Champions League.


Klinsmann says

I’m very much looking forward to continuing the work I began with the national side

On his new backroom staff

It will be an international team, including people from the United States. We will create a hive of energy that the players will enjoy a lot

And to top it Klinsmann speaks English, French, Italian and now Spanish other than his native German. That should take care of melting pot of cultures that Bayern is today.

You can read his interview with the German media after the press conference here.



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2 responses to “Ladies & gentlemen please welcome Jurgen Klinsmann

  1. 433

    I agree. It’ll be nice to see how he does at Bayern. I hope it goes well.

  2. khoannguyen

    i love you very much Klinsmann and I hope you’ll succeed at Bayern

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