Beckham starts training with Arsenal





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10 responses to “Beckham starts training with Arsenal

  1. 433

    Did you get to see the FA cup game? For me, at least at this early stage, the FA Cup is not nearly as interesting as the league and Champions League. I’d love to watch Arsenal win the FA Cup final, but yesterday’s game was so subdued, I couldn’t even muster the motivation to do player ratings.

  2. your the best but i am gust 9

  3. please prof i have pray for today match and we are going to win by 3-1 in ure own favour.

  4. yllart

    Arsenal the best i love arsenal (L) i am kosova

  5. wambam

    The top picture makes me laugh everytime.

  6. abdulah

    loool Arsenal all the way beckham i knue this but am abit late lool anywayz arsenal for the champions league this season

  7. TK

    LOL at Fabregas

  8. des

    didnt no beckham was given a nmber

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