Early goal,Lucky Goal,Next-Champions ultimate Goal

If stats are to be believed then more often than  not the team that leads at the New Year doesnt win the crown at the end of the season. If form, style and substance of this Arsenal team is to be believed then this team has a great chance of finishing on top of the league. The support strikers are hitting form at the right time as the team is fighting in multiple fronts for cup and glory.

Eduardo’s finishing was as cool as a cucumber and the 70th second goal settled all the nerves as the team played with more composure and purpose. To be fair to West Ham they had their chances but Arsenal held on to the lead till Adebayor came up with another “how does he do it” goal. A goal is a goal and how it comes is not important if ultimately the team gets 3 points.


It was heartening to see the team perform in the second half. They controlled the pace of the game as West Ham went on a defensive exercise and Arsenal on a attacking mode. The way the team fought back to gain possession and spun the passes for another round of attack was quite a treat. Flamini was the leading character in this episode. It is not the size of the dog in the fight which matters but the size of the fight in the dog that matters!! That is Flamini for you. Clichy had a wonderful match and the assist for the second goal was the second of the series of assists from him.


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