Back on top after beating the Blues

Man utd’s 0-1 win at Anfield meant Arsenal was going into their match second in the table. A win was necessary to go on top again and win they did. It was a hard fought win with a lots of tackles, yellow cards, flashy moments and memories of a Carling Cup final loomed large as the same characters took centre stage. There was of course a a lot of moments of brilliant football and it came from the team in red. Before the match I would have said a draw was a good result, but based on the performance of the team I would say if we had won by a two goal margin I would not have been surprised.

The good news at the start was to see the magnificent trio of Fabregas, Flamini and Hleb in the starting line-up. With Rosicky and Eboue the 5 man mid-field which Arsenal is the only team who look comfortable attacking in that formation did just that. They took the game away from the Blues initially. The other name which got all the boo’s was Cashley Cole’s, who deserved to be booed all over the park. Wenger seems to have come out on tops in that transfer too, which anyone would say he was at the weaker side of the bargain. Gallas has turned out to be captain Marvellouos and Cashley’s understudy Clichy is far far better than him.

John Terry came out with a rough tackle on Fabregas and he got one back through Eboue who got his share of injury through Joe Cole. So that is one pending for Joe Cole, we will tackle him in the away match ;), hey just joking. Fabregas’s last minute tackle on Cole was on the harsher side but Cole’s retaliation was also worth a card. Fabregas did not look 100% match fit as he was a bit slow in releasing the ball a few times and was found wanting a few times in the match. Hleb was superb even if he was not 100% fit, this man is in some kind of a form, god save his best for the rest of the season.

The goal was a gift in a way but Gallas positioning and brushing off Ben Haim was superb. Cech doesnt miss many of those balls that is why they have had some 14 odd clean sheets. But last nite lady luck was shining brightly on Gallas mohican head. He seems to be scoring some of the most important goals this season for the club. Again Wenger’s foresight in appointing him as captain ahead of Toure or Gilberto looks sensible now. Van P was introduced in the second half and his combination with Ade and others was again breath taking. I cannot wait to see the full strength team back in action this week. The match was played in a great tempo in parts and in this season how the big four play against each other might be more important than we think it is.


Clichy easily handled Shaun Wright Philips and co and was rightly the MoM. The fluidity of this Arsenal team is the artistry of Fabregas, Flamini, Hleb, Rosicky, Adebayor and Van P.  They know where their team mate is or where he is running to…Almunia made a brilliant save of Shevchenko free kick. It might be coming straight at him but the speed with which it came at him, it was a cool save.

Man Utd might still be the stronger side but Arsenal is in with more than a shout.


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