Lack of Creativity cost Arsenal

If there was something that was missing in this Arsenal team, it was creativity. Against a very well disciplined Boro side who did not give anything away in defence and attack, Arsenal came out as losers. And they did not look like getting a shot on target also. This means that now Man Utd is in sniffing distance of the Premiership leaderboard and next week’s clash is of utmost importance to this young team.

I know Wenger likes Diarra and there are a lot of Arsenal fans who like him too…but I think he is an excess to the requirements and doesnt deserve a place in the squad of Gilberto is playing. Both of them have the same role and I think Gilberto would do a better job in helping the back four and stifling attacks of the opposition. Maybe Denilson could have started the match alongside Gilberto.

We miss Fabregas and we do not have a substitute for him. Maybe it is time to give someone like Fran Merida or anyone from the reserve team a go at the first team. Something needs to be done as Fabregas wont be back in action for the next couple of games. The only consolation could be that Flamini might be back for the next one and Hleb for the one after that. Van Persie is an important player but you cannot say that we miss him as much as we miss the other three.

Rosicky tried his best but Boro came up with timely tackles. Eboue was lucky to be on the ground  after a fling on the Boro player. He crosses the limit of brilliance and stupidity quite frequently and very soon he might pay for that. For once the back four also looked a bit vulnerable and I can remember Toure and Gallas coming up with atleast 3-4 timely tackles and intervention.

Almunia can be partly blamed for Toure conceding the penalty. In hindsight it looks like if he had stayed on the goalline, even if Aliadiare had a chance to shoot, he could have had it covered. And he should have known Aliadiare for so long now that he should have realised that he has speed but shooting skills might be suspect.

I did not expect Arsenal to be invincibles this season. I am sure they will all be disappointed with their performance and Wenger looked all set for a defeat right from the 70th minute or so. I think from now onwards we should have two of Falmini/Fabregas/Hleb/Rosicky available for all the matches. And I think a draw with Chelsea would be a good result on current player availability and form.



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2 responses to “Lack of Creativity cost Arsenal

  1. 433

    I don’t strongly disagree with any of that. Maybe slightly harsh on Diarra. It’s hard to tell, sometimes, when there are several players playing like shite, if a particular playing is one who is playing like shite, or if the player just looks bad because everyone around him is falling apart.

    Eduardo is nowhere. Gilberto looks off the pace. I’d say yes, Cesc and Hleb, we need those lads back, and then Van Persie, and with those guys back, it means Adebayor starts playing at his best, and Eboue doesn’t even make the bench, and Arsenal win something like 10+ games in a row.

  2. Arsenal completely deserved what they got last night. Gunners without Van Persie and Cesc Fabregas is just nothing. Flamini’s absence added to their worries. Clichy should consider himself lucky for not being sent off. Downing and his men got a well deserved and well crafted victory.

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