Newcastle Preview

If Arsenal beat Newcastle tonight, they will go 6 clear of Manchester united the second placed team and make it a psychological barrier for them. But winning against Newcastle may not be all that easy.

Newcastle go into this match under a cloud of controversy on whether Sam Allardyce’s stint is one match away from being terminated. Two senior players came out in the media saying all is well in the dressing room. After back to back drubbings, the team, is looking for a fightback. Normally a team facing so many difficulties off the field try to please their owners, coach and in Newcastle’s case a jersey wearing owner who likes to watch the match with the fans. On the negatiive side they are without their first choice and second choice central defenders Faye and Carr.

And to add to this injury to Flamini, Hleb and Fabregas means, the three in-form players of Arsenal are out of action for this match. With Van Persie still recovering from injury it means 4 top players are missing from action. The back four pick themselves, in the mid-field we could see Eboue, Diarra, Gilberto and Rosicky. I would love to see Bendtner partner Adebayor upfront for this match, but Wenger might start with Eduardo for this match.

With Ferguson starting the psychological warfare by saying that Arsenal will surely slip-up very soon and Wenger being very practical in stating that anyone who thinks we have already won the league are dreaming.


He says

Maybe for dreamers they think about the title, but we are realists and we know that, at 14 games, there is still a long way to go.

The championship is fantastic because it is down to consistency. We do, of course, think we are capable and we will grab that chance if we can get the best out of our team.

In life and in football I believe you focus step by step and then see at the end of the season how far you have come.


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