Arsenal do a Royal job

After the boring match seen at Prague, Arsenal played their original classy passing football putting to rest the unwanted questions of “Can they play last in the league and claim back the lead from Man Utd?” Well the answer was there for everyone to see. 1-3 the final score. Great display, some good goals and praise galore.

When you wake up at 4AM and plan to see a match, it better be good:) And the Gunners did justice to everyone who saw the match that nite. What a display of attacking football. Reading put a very defensive wall of players with a lone player upfront. It paid dividends for close to half time. Flamini scored his first goal of the season and Adebayor ended his drought and Hleb scored his deserved goal for all the admirable play he has been serving match after match.

You might think Hleb would go for the easy shot at goal in the first goal build up, but he picked the difficult pass to Flamini who saw off the defender and slotted it in. And this Arsenal team is a completely different team once they go on the lead. They are more relaxed and build up play quite nicely. I thought Rosicky had a very good game. His twists and turns put off a lot of defenders and it is quite difficult to guess which direction he is going to move and which direction he is going to pass.

The second goal was a classy Arsenal goal. Some neat build up and then a prcise slot in the
far post for Adebayor. And when Ade scored Arsenal wins or rather will not lose 🙂 The third from Hleb was something totally great. The way he moved the ball past Hahnemann was superb. the back flick, moving the other feet out of the way, it was a classy move which left the goalie in no-man land and then it was a matter of slotting it in, which he did. Overall a classy match. Adbayor was wrongly denied a goal for offside else it might have been last year’s score at the Majedski stadium.

And the Ade goal was the 1000th goal by Arsenal in the Premiership. Only Man Utd has scored more in the  Premiership.



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7 responses to “Arsenal do a Royal job

  1. 433

    Those were fantastic goals – all four of them.

  2. 433

    When I say all four, I’m of course referring to the three Arsenal goals and the one that Adeboyor scored that was disallowed, and am in no way referring to that hideous goal from Reading at the death.

  3. What is Arsenal’s objective ? To win the Premier League or to play pretty football ? At the moment they are going well and look capable of achieving both. Arsenal and Man Utd both play attractive attacking football and they are way ahead of the rest in terms of entertainment. Portsmouth also can play some good stuff. However, I am not a football purist and can also appreciate how teams like these can be tactically stifled by less talented/fluid teams. Against Reading, Arsenal showed signs that they are trying to score the perfect goal again, like they did when Thierry Henry was there. This could be their downfall again.

  4. freekicker

    433 – I got it the first time itself 🙂 If Ade’s effort had been given I guess there would have been more than 4 in that game

    I Bet Fair – I hope they dont get into last yrs groove again…it is less likely to happen…once footballers like Fabregas & Hleb have smelt goals, they will go for the goal, from outside and inside the box 🙂

  5. The game was aw 1.30 am for me. Stayed up and watched. And boy, wasn’t it worthwhile. The hleb goal particularly delighted me. The way he fooled Hahnemann was delightful. Also, Another exccellent performance by Hleb. Now just waiting for Rosicky to follow suit.

  6. freekicker

    Nick – Ya man, Hleb is superlative…he just needs to build on his physical strength…sometimes gives away the ball too easily

  7. It’s goin to be important that all the players get back from the international break unscathed. At least van Persie hasn’t played and Adebayor is not goin to have to play for Togo for another year almost really. Gilberto played for Brazil the other night and hope he comes through tonight ok. Hleb has nothing to play for against Holland – but wouldn’t that just be typical!

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