Boring Arsenal and Giberto rumours

Gooners like me are spoilt by the great display of passing football that Arsenal play everytime they set foot on the ground, be it the first XI or the last XI. So when they play a drab 0-0 ( mind that this is the first time this season Arsenal has failed to score) in Praha against Slavia Prague, fans like me will accuse and crib.

You can say that the complaints should be coming only from the visiting supporters who braved rain and travelled across Europe and paid for this match. But what about we fans who woke up at 6AM/5AM in this region to see the match. Fortunately, it was Diwali holiday the next day, so I saw the exciting Man Utd and Barca match and read the score and realised that Arsenal played a poor match. Saw some 15-20 mins and slept off.

Slavia could have won it had it not been for some good saves from Almunia. And it was disappointing to see that Arsenal did not even have a decent effort at goal.

In other news Daily Mail says that Juventus is ready with a bid for Gilberto in January.


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