1 point, many inferences

Alex Ferguson is justified in feeling that the referee had undone his team at Emirates. But the fact of the matter is that it had nothing to do with the referee but everything to do with the Gallas equaliser which made a draw look like a defeat. Arsenal can claim moral victory for coming from behind yet again, but this time twice and the second time in the second minute of added time. So that leaves Arsenal still at the top with a match in hand.

Gallas scored at both ends at the end of each half to give Man Utd a goal against the run of play in the first half and a deserved equaliser in the end of second half. Ronaldo put Man Utd in front with seven minutes remaining, from a Evra cross and Fabregas restored the first goal parity in begining of second half from a Sagna struggle at the goalmouth. If you want to read the script of all the goals, there is no better place than A Cultured Left Foot. He has written it beautifully. 🙂

Chances were there for both sides, but I think in looking at overall play and domination Arsenal will slightly edge Man Utd. I dont think the Commentator had to say the names Ronaldo, Rooney or Tevez for most of the time.  Though I read in most of the articles that the first half was uneventful and both teams played scrappy, I could not recollect only couple of instances of Man Utd attacks as most of the time the ball was with the Arsenal players.

Watching the match with the Arsenal supporters in Rick’s cafe in KL was something. We did rock when the goals came in. It was the biggest gathering I have seen at this place in recent times. I try to make it a point to see the match there whenever I am in KL.

Talking about players, yes I thought Almunia made a mistake and looked prone to making many throughout the match, Walcott needs to elarn how to defend and mark players, Hleb needs to be physically a little more stronger. He was shoulder pushed down for the first goal.

Can Arsenal win the league? I think they can.


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