End of a vision and more about Fabregas


Who is Hugo Tocalli? Many people including myself did not know him, till Tim Vickery, BBC’s South American reporter wrote about him.

He retired as co-ordinator of Argentina’s Youth side. And in his 13 years Argentina won 5 out of 7 World Youth Cups. That is some youth side. Most of the current squad players have come through the youth ranks, whose credit must go to this man. I am sure Messi, Riquelme, Mascherano etc might owe this man a lot for the way they play now.

So would the sun be setting on a wonderful youth system that brings about a classic style of play and some wonderful players? I guess not else Football will be the loser.

In other news, after Fabregas’ wonderful performance in the last match and the previous matches, he has come in for a lot of praise.

Comparison with Paul Scholes is reported in the Telegraph.

And in a seperate article in Telegraph again, ex Arsenal Goalie Bob Wilson talks about Fabregas and where he stands in the Arsenal all time stars list.

One memorable quote from that article:

It reminded me of what Arsene Wenger said three years ago when I was just finishing my time as goalkeeping coach with Arsenal. He told me: “I have seen the best 17-year-old player I’ve ever seen.” Well, it was an extraordinary statement for Arsene to make. I remember saying: “But wasn’t Pele the best 17-year-old?” “I am telling you about a player who plays in a different role to Pele; Pele was a striker, not a creator.”


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