Arsenal play ball at Anfield

Not many teams go to Anfield and dominate possession and let the Reds chase the ball. Arsenal did just that despite being a goal down from the 10th minute. A late winner was all that was missing from a wonderful performance from a young team, in a match which was considered the true test for the Gunners.

Wenger said later

I feel we have come out of this first big test stronger. We played without any handbrake, without any restrictions. We played the game we wanted to play, based on our technical qualities and our movement.

I was always very confident, but I hope we convinced a few more people. In my opinion, we have the talent to fight up there for the title.

Arsenal have one more match to prove their title aspirations and a victory at home would put a lot of theories to rest on how this team will have to prove against worthy opponents etc. This team is not looking at the fixtures in Dec and January now. They are probably looking at how to win the next one against Sheffield United. That I think is what this team under Arsene is done well, taking one match at a time.

Hleb is in some form this season. I hope he gets to continue on this purple patch for some more time and his link up play with both Fabregas and Rosicky is very sublime. The slick passing between them is worth many a highlights reel. And the way in which he did not pass to Adebayor or Bendtner and sneaked it past 2 or 3 Liverpool defenders to the advancing Fabregas is a class act.

hleb-in-liv.jpg fab-goal-liv.jpg

Chances were lets say even and Liverpool made their earlier one count and Gerrard in a moment of brilliance bamboozled one past Almunia. Crouch came up with some classic hits on target but most of the red fans were trying to win back possession for most part of the match. Arsenal move came in waves and the substitutions of Gilberto, Bendtner and Walcott did not slow pedal the attacks one bit, in fact the goal came after their substitution.

Toure and Gallas had a wonderful match and Eboue was again getting into his antics. I wonder when he will grow up and play like a man. He can take a leaf out of Sagna’s book. Adebayor is going goalless for some matches now and I think it is all going to come back as a hat-trick or something very soon.

With Man U working on the Tevez-Rooney magic and Chelsea putting six past Man City, the league has come alive and the saturday clash between Arsenal and Man Utd will be some match.



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3 responses to “Arsenal play ball at Anfield

  1. Glad to hear some calm thoughts on the match. Have been reading a pile of nonsense on some blogs with Jamie Carragher coming in for some stick. Don’t know why Arsenal fans can’t be quietly gracious. You have got one hell of a great side who play decent football. Why can’t some people be happy. You’ll play worse and win and play better and lose but that’s football.

    Was impressed by Sagna and Bendtner when he came on though most of your team played well. I was quietly pleased with Liverpool’s overall display coming on the back of some confidence sapping poor performances. We should come on for it.

  2. freekicker

    It was a good performance from Arsenal…if they had won then I would have written something totally different 🙂
    Liverpool showed some character in defence…Gerrard is back and that is the positive for Liverpool…else the injuries to key players esp Alonso is quite hurting

  3. arsenal are the best int thay

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