Can we beat the Red Buggers?

Yes we can. If we cannot then I will be disappointed.

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing in this Liverpool team as the media and ESPN commentators make it out to be. Torres works hard and has a lot to prove for the millions dished out to Athletico & Gerrard has been in terrible form both for club and country. Now who else has impressed you this season. None to be precise. If you dig deep maybe Mascherano followed by Kuyt. Thats it.

So if Arsenal get only one point from the match in Anfield, it would be 2 points lost than one point gained. And by any chance if Arsenal lose, it should be called an upset. But I think one point from this match would be a good return for Arsenal compared to Liverpool who cannot afford to lose anymore points to any team outside the top four.

Torres and Agger are believed to be fit by Sunday for this important clash. Arsenal are without Van Persie but I think they should be able to manage this match without him and most probably Eduardo will start with Adebayor for this match. With Fabregas and Hleb in such good form, lets hope there will be some exciting soccer for us to watch. Clichy and Sagna will have a lot of work as Pennant and Risse will be troubling in both the flanks. We will have to see whether Gerrard will be able to go forward as much as he does with other teams when he plays the Gunners.

My expected line up for the match would be:


Sagna Toure Gallas Clichy

Hleb Fabregas Flamini Rosicky

Adebayor Eduardo

So Walcott one of the stars of the last match might start from bench and he can definitely come as a sub and do the damage against he aging Hypia. This will be a good learning for Arsenal who have taken care of their problem from last year (beating teams in the middle and bottom of the league). Now this young team needs to prove that they can do it against the biggies.

I am sure Wenger will take only one match at a time and hence we will discuss Man Utd’s trip to the Emirates after this match.

Go get them Gunners.



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4 responses to “Can we beat the Red Buggers?

  1. Hey, i dont think a point at Anfield would be bad. Against big teams, pool always puts up a good fight at home. They’ll be more motivated than they were against spuds and marseille. We”l have to defend well and make sure that we score first. The team who scores first will surely be in the driving seat.

  2. I quite like it when opposing fans have a bit of confidence as it tends to lead to problems. I think you should be wary of us on Sunday. We have a tendency to play well against the big 4 sides despite our overall record. It’s been a long time since you won at Anfield in the league and I think you will be very happy with a point at the final whistle.

  3. David

    Of course Arsenal will win…if not then forget about the tittle…hopefully i am very confident in the French connection!

  4. freekicker

    Nick – I agree that we have to score first, that will bring in a lot of relief to the players and then we can settle in. Else it can still be anybody’s game. But only a point, c’mon man I think we are good enough for 3.

    Is This Betting – We will wait and see. This team is a special team and maybe we can rewrite records 🙂

    David – Dude, nice to know that you are reading my blog :). Well titles are decided on how you play teams 5-20…and against them, so far Arsenal has been good.

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