Peter Hill Wood’s Chelsea comments & Carling Cup

A day after the Arsenal results were declared, Chairman Peter Hill Wood made some comments on Chelsea, maybe he was prompted by some journalist…he said

I don’t want to run Chelsea down, but one has to concede Manchester United and Liverpool are probably the biggest names in UK football.

For Chelsea to think they are suddenly going to dominate United and Liverpool is fantasy. It is not going to happen

I found it very surprising Chelsea had only 25,000 for a Champions League game

Our fan-base probably started in the 30s and it’s been handed down from father to son and so on. It takes 100 years to build and about 100 minutes to destroy

Money is irrelevant to history and how big your club is

For Arsenal, the last couple of months have been like a dream come true. On the field the team is playing some wonderful football and winning matches both domestically as well as in Europe. Off the field the financial results have been one of the best putting it into the top of European clubs. It is an ideal start and lets hope that it continues that way both on and off the field.

And to make matters more sweet, the team started with only 3 of the members from the team that beat Derby County in the weekend, to meet Newcastle and won 2-0. Bendtner and Denilson opened their account for the club. You can catch the goals and the Senderos save here on this youtube video.


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