The Force is with Arsenal

5 goals, a hat-trick, 3 points and top of the table…what more do you want?

I was watching the match at Rick’s Cafe in Bangsar, the official meeting place of the Arsenal Football Club Malaysia Supporters, with a whole bunch of Gooners. Met up with a few of them, including the office-bearers and I will be a regular here from now on. Classy group of guys I should say. See you all soon for another Arsenal victory.

It was going to be an easy outing but Arsenal will take these matches a bit more seriously for the time being as these were the matches which lost us points in the previous seasons. Played at Arsenal’s pace all through the 90 minutes, it was left to see how many goals Arsenal will hit – in the end it was one more than the Spurs and one less than Liverpool. Arsenal has not played a top four team till now and till them all comments on the title hopes should not be discussed. We are on a roll and let it just gather mass. However the way Liverpool, Chelsea and Man Utd have stumbled through the league with other teams is a very positive sign for Arsenal.

Adebayor or Persie or even Eduardo should never be compared to Henry. I think Wenger is never looking at substituting Henry at the club, but what he has done is distribute that responsibility of scoring goals and creating chances to Adebayor, Persie, Eduardo and Fabregas. So far it has been a taken up splendidly by this young team. Adebayor scored his first hat-trick for Arsenal and Fabregas again lit up the scoreline with a superlative effort from outside the box. Eduardo won the penalty which was converted and the Croatian is slowly getting into the groove. But I think the most important goal came from Diaby. He has been likened to Viera not only with the style of play but also looks and built. He scored a scintillating goal avoiding the challenges of two Derby players and slamming a shot which hit the side of the post and went in. He needed a goal and got it. So our mid-field players are now on the scoreline more often than not.

Walcott was a concern because he was beating everyone with his pace and turns, but when it came to giving that final pass or taking the chance on a shot at goal, he was found wanting. He is trying too hard to impress. He can just get better from here and I think with the Carling Cup running that he will get in the days to come, it should do him a lot of good.

  • Adebayor is on top of the Barclays Premier League goal scorers with 6 goals and the Fabulous Fabregas second with 4 goals. Way to go Gunners!
  • The technique of Adebayor to leap and chest the ball and then run it down to the goals is quite impressive. He was all over the Derby defence
  • The defence was a bit rusty once or twice and they will have tighten that part. Sagna was impressive yet again. He is according to me the signing of the year, no doubt
  • As the Sky Sports cameras showed, there were some 10 odd cameras behind the Derby County goal and not a single one behind the Arsenal goal, this shows what was expected in this match


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2 responses to “The Force is with Arsenal

  1. I LoVe Arsenal behari ciao

  2. guled

    I wil paler ftboll with arsenal and I linve in Sweden and I am 19 yaers pleas take me to in klup thanks

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