Mourinho – Over and Out!

It was not long ago when Mourinho said this:

“There are only two ways for me to leave Chelsea,one way is in June 2010 when I finish my contract and if the club doesn’t give me a new one. It is the end of my contract and I am out. The second way is for Chelsea to sack me. The way of the manager leaving the club by deciding to walk away, no chance! I will never do this to Chelsea supporters.”


Well he could not take it anymore I guess and he sent text messages to five of his senior squad members about his decision and made a quiet exit. The exact reasons of his exit will be known in the next few days. Given his character, he will not leave quietly, isn’t it. He was his own man and I personally thought that he thought a bit too much about himself.

A few days back, Peter Kenyon came out in the media with the vision of the club and where they wanted to be in 10 years time. And more importantly how they planned to achieve glory – by playing attractive football which will make the fans come in numbers to watch them play, atleast more than 25,ooo fans…This was completely opposite to the way they were currently playing and winning. And credit has to be given for whatever they won, however boring it was. Mourinho has a style of play and he was good at it. It ensured success but not attractive football.

He will be missed for all the snide remarks he made pre-match and post match. When you look back, was it really his fault? He was given money to spend and assemble a team to win the league and other cups domestic as well as in Europe. In the first year itself he built a team spirit and won them trophies. Nobody asked him to play attractive football and nobody complained. His fault was that he should have seen this coming. There were several players forced down his throat, but that didnt mean that whoever he bought otherwise were playing some attractive football.

Here is a good read on Mourinho from the Daily Mail: End of an era…and an ego

I think this season is seeing a contrast of playing styles and paying styles in Chelsea and Arsenal. May the good of the game survive.


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  1. 433

    Chelsea are still a dangerous threat to the Arsenal’s title ambitions.

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