“It’s nothing to do with age, it’s to do with quality”

Said Van Persie after the match. This statement has been repeated by Persie, a few times in the last few months. He knows that the spirit in the team overcomes the experience that the youngsters lack and the skills and overall passing game that they play can unlock any stubborn defence in 90 minutes.

The statement from Persie quite summed up the night where Arsenal cleverly beat Sevilla 3-0. Maybe Emirates stadium was the wrong place to make the Champions League debut for Ramos and his team. It was not as easy a match as the scoreline suggests but Arsenal had to earn the 3 points. Sevilla had a few chances at goal but the normally accurate Kanoute was found wanting. There was nothing much he nor his teammates could do. Almunia had one save and one shot going just past the goal. That was all Sevilla could offer.


On the other hand, Arsenal, were all over the park. Before Fabregas got his shot deflected by Escude they had 3 shots from outside the box. This is quite non-Arsenal like but that is the improvement to the box-play skills this team possess. If the first goal was un-Arsenal the third one was very much an Arsenal-like goal. Hleb intercepts a defenders casual shot moves forward with Eduardo moving to his left and Fabregas to the right, inside the box, passes the ball to Fabregas. Fabregas could have either taken a shot at goal, but when he has like a microsecond to decide, invites the goalie and the defender towards him and threads a sweet pass to Eduardo who is now inside the box on the left who sweetly places it inside the goal with his left foot. Now, this goal is special as it comes in the dying minutes of the game when Sevilla looked like they were switched off but this Arsenal team is ON till the final whistle. I think we have scored a few goals this season in added time. This would make some interesting stat I am sure.


Talking about the second goal, again we have to talk about the improvement this team has shown in the last one year or so. Goals from free kicks, be it headed goals or otherwise were few and far in the last so many season in Arsenal. But towards the end of last season we started seeing a few. Adebayor is 23 years old but he is blossoming into a superstar for this Arsenal team and scored a headed one in the last game. Another figure looming around the box to nod it in is Toure. He has beaten the last defender and goalie and scored a couple of comeback goals for Arsenal last season. He was bought for £150,000, and his value now is priceless to this Arsenal team. In a way he embodies this team – Fighting spirit, aggressiveness and above all humility.


Fabregas has started to deliver some killing crosses to the box from free-kicks just outside the box. The second goal was again a beauty, coming from Van Persie with his right foot. Fabregas’ cross was padded in by Sagna (he is getting better and better) and Persie had no trouble in slotting it in. And guess who was just behind him to take care in case Persie misses, Toure 🙂


Flamini, Hleb, Clichy, Sagna, Rosicky & Adebayor all had a great game. Even Eduardo for the ten odd minutes he had scored a goal. Rosicky would not be available forthe next 2 weeks as injuries have again started its toll on him. He will be missed but I think we have cover in the mid-field for the time being. The player who was man-of-the-match and who had an outstanding game again was Fabregas. He is getting cult status amongst the Gooners and his overall match presence is becoming a key part in every match.

Good Going Gunners!


And it seems one of the Gooners had pointed out in a Guardian blog that Adebayor was the one who was instrumental in the huddle. We have been doing it in every match now but he is one cheerful guy.

And will leave you with this cheeky comment from Wenger, taking a dig at Chelsea:

The support at this club amazes me and maybe we will need to add some seats onto this stadium sometime. ‘Maybe the football we play attracts more people than other clubs.


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