Arsenal vs Sevilla Preview:The first tough test for Gunners

In the first real test for the young Gunners, Sevilla visit Emirates stadium to start off the European campaign. This is probably one of the best matches of Matchday 1, rivalling the Barcelona vs Lyon clash. Sevilla are twice the UEFA Cup champions and are an in-form team like Arsenal. They play attacking football, pass the ball around and score a lot of goals. They are second to Real in La Liga with 2 played 2 win records.


 Arsenal on the otherhand are equally good when it comes to passing the ball around and doing loops around any team. They haven’t been tested completely by any team so far in their domestic league and I think it going to be a tough match at Emirates tonight. A draw would be a creditable result for this side and a win would definetely be a boost to their confidence and a loss should be taken as a stepping stone.

It is actually a good time to play a tough team as in the weekend we will be playing a relatively easy match against Derby. So Wenger will be fielding his strongest team tonight and will be mixing it up on the weekend. My take on the starting line-up is




Van Persie, Adebayor
ars-training2.jpg ars-training.jpg

So lets hope the match lives upto its reputation and we get to see a good game of football and Arsenal have a real go at this Sevilla side.



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3 responses to “Arsenal vs Sevilla Preview:The first tough test for Gunners

  1. macika092

    ez egy nagy fos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. abdoul

    i love you fabregas

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