A few decent reads and a boring European nite

Well let me talk about the Champions League first. I saw most of the Liverpool match. Cant help it but it was pathetic. Gerrard in the centre, Torres making his debut in Europe, Babel and Pennant on the wings…well nothing worked for the Reds. And it was not as if Porto were playing attacking football, they were losing possession as much as they were winning tackles. The less said the better and to be honest Liverpool were lucky to come back with a point. For all the pundits praising Liverpool, be honest and let the world know that they sucked big time. 


Chelsea top bosses came out with lots of media frenzy on how they want to be the top club of the world in 10 years time and they would also like to win two European titles and a handful of domestic league titles in that time…oh before I forget all this by playing attractive sexy football. Blessed will be the Chelsea fans the day Mourinho can play what his club bosses preach. Now one of the criteria for being a successful club is to make sure your fans come to watch you play day in and day out. But why should they waste their money if your team is playing boring 1-0 wins. Well 24000 people for a Champions League match is a shame in any part of Europe.


Times came out with this article yesterday on why a team like Chelsea can be affected by refereeing decisions. Quite true. They say,

Perhaps what Mourinho fears most about blundering officials is that, because Chelsea’s cautious style lends itself to victory by slender margins, his players are more vulnerable than most to rogue decisions altering a match. So far the team have been beneficiaries – a poor penalty call denied Liverpool three points against them at Anfield – and victims. Yet a more expansive Chelsea might have been sufficiently in the clear against Blackburn that it would not have mattered.


You can read the whole article here

In other news, an interesting blog in Guardian by Matt Scott talks about how Usmanov affects Arsenal FC. There are enough and more articles on this in all the papers. Among other things he says that the Emirates Stadium is the world’s richest in terms of gate collections. So when I was mailing this to my friends, one of my Man U friends said that Old Trafford has a capacity of 75666 and Emirates has 60420, so the ticket prices must be quite expensive at the Emirates. As a matter of fact it is. According to the Arsenal website the maximum price of a ticket for a category A match is £94 and the equivalent in Old Trafford is £44!!! Well with gate collections of £3 million we would definetely be making a lot of money. But if there is one team which anyone would pay to watch, it would be Arsenal. Talking of stadiums, Times also says

Barcelona unveil plans Barcelona have chosen Lord Foster of Thames Bank, the renowned British architect, to remodel the Nou Camp, the club said last night. Details of the architect’s proposals are expected to be released on Saturday. The remodelling is scheduled to take up to four years and is expected to add an extra 15,000 seats to the stadium’s near99,000 capacity. The Nou Camp was built in 1957.

Among Lord Foster’s most famous architectural works are the new Wembley Stadium, the Greater London Authority building, Beijing airport’s international terminal and the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt.



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5 responses to “A few decent reads and a boring European nite

  1. Agree with you about Liverpool (though I’m a supporter myself). Didn’t get to see the game for various reasons but most honest Liverpool bloggers say the same thing.

    On the point of ticket prices I still find them overwelming. Being based in Germany I am lucky enough to be able to watch football cheaply. The team I watch include transport to and from the ground in the price of the ticket.

  2. freekicker

    Ticket including transport is definitely a good deal…I think even the ticket prices in Spain is quite reasonable.

  3. I was definitely shocked when I discovered it. It is the actual club who pays the local transport authority. A couple of guys who come to watch the game with me travel about 40 km and all for free.

    I could go on about other reasons why I like the football culture here but won’t bore you. I just feel privileged I’m able to enjoy it – it reminds me of English football in the 1970’s.

  4. freekicker

    So how much does the tickets cost – min and max?
    And who do u support in Germany?

  5. I pay roughly £5.50 to stand on the terraces while it is £3.50 for kids, students, pensioners and the disabled. A friend (claims to be a student) bought his season ticket for just under £50. You have to bear in mind that this is the equivalent of the English Division One (old Third Division). The best seat in the ground would cost you £15.

    The team I support is Rot Weiss Essen and has an average attendance of around 10,000.

    The nearest Bundesliga club is Dortmund who charge about £8.50 (£5.50 reduced) to stand and £110 (£65) reduced) for a season ticket.

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