Comments from the Spurs match

Ok this is the last one on the Spurs match. Last nite the match was shown on ESPN and I sat and watched the whole match again. So here are a few comments made by the Sky Sports commentators :

On Clichy being offsided:

There is something about this Arsenal side if the Left-Back is offsided

On an Arsenal Counter-attack following a Spurs corner:

Martin Jol is on the sideline, yelling at his players to get back, get back quick

On Arsenal missing another chance

A cat has nine lives and they(Spurs) have lost four or five already

As Spurs make a forward move after defending for a long time.

Some respite for Spurs as they cross the half way line

Fabregas Goal. 1-2

Oooh…Dynamite…Absolute dynamite

On Darren Bent miss.

Oh my goodness gracious me, he would have wished if White Hart Lane could eat him up. He gets it absolutely Horrendously wrong.

The crowd goes chanting

“What a waste of money”

The fourth official says 4 minuted added time.

Nobody in their right mind is leaving White Hart Lane just yet.

On Adebayor goal.

Adebayooor…Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Camera shows Spurs fans leaving the stadium after the goal. Score 1-3

It is going to be a long weekend in North London for Spurs fans.

When Camera catch a worried Jol standing on the sideline

What about Martin Jol, would he be around when they meet them next.



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