Rich Arsenal & some post-match comments

Daily Mail says :

For the Gunners, it was an excellent start to a week that will see them announce financial figures that place them above Manchester United and Chelsea — let alone Spurs — and behind only Real Madrid in the list of the world’s richest clubs.

Arsenal’s total turnover of all the business the club generate, it will be revealed, has shot up to about £180m,about £22m behind Real Madrid, while United’s turnover stands at £167m. That is an increase of almost 50 per cent in just one season, such has been the effect of moving to the Emirates Stadium.

Post match comments from Arsene Wenger:

I’m very excited with this team because – I don’t know if the word exists – they are ‘playerish’,” he said. “They love to play and that is something that you feel from the outside. They’re ahead of schedule and have a certain tactical and technical maturity.

They just love to play. Even at 2-1 they don’t go to the corner flag, they continue to try to score. There is an extra dynamic in there because the players feel this is the year in which they have to grow old.

Comments from Adebayor:

The boss has told us that in every single game we can score in the 90th or 91st minute. If we’re 1-0 down, in one minute we can score two goals.

Comments from Fabregas:

Thierry was an important player, but now he’s gone we have to play more as a team. We’re playing more collectively, more as a team, and this is important. We lost a lot of points at the beginning of last season and it was too difficult to come back. We have to keep winning.


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