Is Arsenal FC the second richest/biggest club in the world?

Would the Arsenal fans be in for a surprise when Arsenal FC declare their results for last season (2006-07) sometime this month. The mood is very positive and everyone is expecting a record-breaking result this time around.

The Forbes Soccer team valuations in 2006 (end of 2005-06 season) listed Arsenal as the 3rd richest club in the world behind Manchester United and Real Madrid. At a value estimated at $ 915 Mn, it was $121 million behind Real Madrid ($1036 Mn) and $538 Mn behind Man U($1453).

With the new stadium starting operations from the last season, the money from the gates and the in-stadia advertising must be added in to the revenue. With a seating capacity of 60,432 the Emirates stadium is one of the biggest in England. Most of the home matches last year were seeing on an average 60,000 spectators and if we multiple that by £30 (it is really on the lower side, trust me), we get $ 3.6 Mn per match. Now lets assume that we had atleast 25 home matches (19 Premier League and I am just putting 6 other home matches), it adds up to a good $ 90 Mn. That is just from the tickets sale. Point taken that in Highbury they had maybe half the revenue of the current tickets sale.

Now all the money from the in-stadia advertising and kits (I dont think this was factored in 2005-06 season) etc should add up to more than the deficit we have between Real Madrid even if we take into account a decent growth for Real Madrid.

So watch this space for more.



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22 responses to “Is Arsenal FC the second richest/biggest club in the world?

  1. ablog

    maybe in 5-10 years we may be on par with utd and madrid. who knows with wenger on for another 4 years we may get there sooner

  2. ahned nigeria

    arsenal can never be the richest bcos they borrow from man u

  3. Emi

    Arsenal can be the richest bcos they gat all what it takes

  4. Aziz

    we the gunners are capable of being number one club in the whole wide world in the next 2to 3years.


    We the gunners are capable of being number one richest club in the whole wide world in the next 2to 3years.

  6. zahid

    the young gunners just need experienc future is ours

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  8. Olaide

    What is Chelsea Result, are they the poorest club

  9. Wales

    Chelsea are the most useless Club..full of Ignorant and Fools same things apply to Man Utd ..But The Gunners are for real and we will always be on top ..BE GUNNER BE A GIVER !!! FROM wales

  10. pls i will like to the richest football club for now as soon as you get the details pls send it to my e-mail box

  11. shaban gaucho

    i think barcelona is the baest club in the world

  12. omoakin

    top richest football club in the world as at september 2008

  13. Anonymous


  14. akinyele alex undertaker

    arsenal is a good club in the world and the most experience and most tarlented player in the world, ARSENAL FOR LIVE

  15. yemdeck adeck

    man u is the best club everly sopported in the whole world and there no other club that can do as they do , planning to collect trophies in one season, so UP MAN U, UP RED DEVIL, UP ROOOOOOOOONALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDO , UP FARGUSON, MANU 4 LIFE.
    Don’t their it. BIG UP.

  16. Anonymous

    Gunners can be the richest cos they manage resource

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