Wenger Knows



Everyone connected with Arsenal football team would have sighed in relief yesterday. Arsene Wenger, the man who knows tomorrow’s stars today, shall sign on then dotted lines which will make sure that he stays in Emirates Stadium till 2011. So the next 4 years at Arsenal could be the best possible 4 years that the club has seen. Would it mean a Champions League crowning and a few Premier League Champions crowning, dont know but possible, but what I know is that there is some attractive football guaranteed for the next 4 years.

This also ensures in a way that Fabregas will be pressurised to stay in Arsenal even if Real and Barca come calling. And though many have not come out in the open to say it, but I am sure most of players are there because Arsene Wenger is there and they can play the way he wants them to play. The most-talked about match in the weekend would have been the Aston Villa-Chelsea match but definitely the most entertaining match was the one at Emirates Stadium. No doubt about that.

I can see that the legacy Wenger will leave at the club will see Pat Rice most probably taking up the mantle from Wenger and pushing further on the style of play. And I do sincerely hope this team would be in a very mature situation by then and would be world-beaters by 2011. He would have picked up a few more gems from Europe and Africa by then to push for a strong team for the future.

Wenger has agreed on terms where he will be the joint second highest paid manager in the Premier League.

The top earners

£5.2m José Mourinho

£4m Sir Alex Ferguson & Arsène Wenger

£3.5m Rafael BenÍtez


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