Alan Hansen and critics

In 1995, after Manchester United had lost their opening fixture of the season to Aston Villa with a team containing many young players who had just broken through from the youth side, Hansen famously remarked: “You’ll never win anything with kids.” It is a quote of which he is constantly reminded, as Manchester United team went on to win the Double with players such as Gary Neville, Phil Neville, David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt (all of whom were 20 or under) playing major roles.

Yesterday in his column in BBC he made some comments on the top teams in the Premier League. He says

Arsenal have also started well. But I still feel they lack strength in depth – and possibly a bit of steel. It has been said many times that when Arsenal can struggle when they go away from home and face teams putting their boots in. That happened at Blackburn the other week and until Arsenal can counter those aggressive tactics I don’t think they can win the title.Arsenal are still the best team to watch and play phenomenal football, but football is about more than that – it’s about getting results when you’re struggling and being able to battle and fight and scrap.

How I wish he will be proved wrong at the end of the season. Well in pre-season when we were winning there were many who said, ya they won so what, I dont think they will be able to survive in holding onto the 4th place this time, but we won, won in style. There is no expectation on this team other than playing some wonderful football and entertaining the fans who love to watch them play, the Wenger way.

The team that played Portsmouth was assembled for 30 Mil pounds. Well beat that. That is what you call real value for money. I just love the way the play and pass around. That is what people are paying for. Like Wenger said he enjoyed watching his team play when they beat Portsmouth. I wonder how many such Managers get that lucky these days.



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5 responses to “Alan Hansen and critics

  1. I agree. This season is the best one to silence our critics. They still say we miss henry while forgetting that we were almost third without him. They say Spuds are top four material and that we lack experience to finish fourth. Until now, we’ve proved everyone wrong by some consistent performances. If we can carry that on for two more weeks, i’ll start dreaming.. 😉

  2. freekicker

    I will dream by dec if we are still in contention for honours in the league and are playing in FA Cup & Champion’s League 🙂

  3. Btw, Viva Kerala won the pre-quarter of federation cup against Air India. A scrappy win and Bagan is next. No idea if you follow Viva’s fixtures.

  4. ablog

    hansen is a donkey, every match of the day i have watched he hasnt once been positive, he loves liverpool,utd and chelsea, and loves the fact that these teams are spending £30-50 mil on players, he almost dislike the fact that wenger doesnt splash 20 mil on a single player.

  5. freekicker

    Lets hope that buggers like him are proved wrong come the end of the season

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