A strong message to other teams and foreign money bags

When the going gets tough the tough gets going. It was one of the strongest performance from Arsenal and it was best when we were reduced to 10 men. It was as if the 10 players from Arsenal were equivalent to the 11 fro Pompey. A classic open match with Arsenal attacking even when they were down to 10 men. Final score 3-1.

Senderos and Toure (in particular) had a wonderful match and it is a pity that they along with Almunia (who is playing like a champion goalie) could not keep a clean shit due to a very very freak goal. But Almunia kept the Utakas of the world outside the goal for the rest of the evening. A fine performance by the back four. Flamini was defending well and looked good going forward too. Clichy is an early contender for Player of the year for Arsenal. He is very hard working, super fast and yesterday he delivered some telling crosses. If only Diaby knew where the goal was.


Rosicky had one of his best matches and I am glad he also scored a goal. He was instrumental in many counter-attacks and trust me running with Clichy is not the easiest of the tasks. His goal taken from a quickly taken free-kick caught the Portsmouth team off-guard and the ball went right through the legs of Glen Johnson of Chelsea fame. Adebayor’s coolly taken penalty was a delight and it is nice to see him open his account for the year. He just needs to be a bit more adventurous in front of the goal and he will have goals in two figures by the end of the season.


The second goal came from Fabregas who held onto the second ball from the corner and turned and pinned it to the back of the net. Fabregas is having a glorious season so far and his goals are speaking for it.

Post match comments from Arsene :

“I made a tape of him last year and you wouldn’t believe the chances Fàbregas had,” Wenger said. “In some matches, he had three. When he was a young boy, he scored a lot of goals, but sometimes it disappears. But it always comes back when you mature physically, mentally and are less nervous in front of goal. He has a lot of characteristics of Paul Scholes: his frame, intelligence in the game, passing ability and knowing when to go in the box.”

Quite true.


Senderos was very unlucky as he had the feeblest of touches on Kanu who made a big deal out of it. But I think he should not get overly worried about it because he had a very decent match prior to it. And it was the second half that opened up Arsenal’s passing play.

Portsmouth had two tough matches against Chelsea and Man U so you can say that they were quite soft in their approach play but Arsenal also had really tough matches against some of the better performing teams this season (Man City, Fulham, Blackburn). And it is nice to go into a 2 week break sitting second on the table on goal difference.

This also comes at a time when David Dein & Co had cast their evil eyes one club. Its high time Wenger came out strong against his friend and his intentions.



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2 responses to “A strong message to other teams and foreign money bags

  1. Gunners are promising this season after a tremendous perfromance against Pompey.United should learn from them that games are not always won by big names.Just tell me if you want your blog to be added to my link.Make sure you make a comment to do that.ITs not for money purpose but an encouragement of EPL in India

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