Was this needed now?

Just when things were going in the right direction with Arsene Wenger willing to sign a 3 year contract, the team playing some good football to qualify for Europe, stay unbeaten in the league, a favourable draw in the Champions League was picked & Arsene going public in stating that “yes he has funds for transfer, but he doesnt have a need”, news breaks about this new Russian Billionaire Usmanov buying David Dein’s share of Arsenal flesh.

I think David Dein is barking up the wrong tree. Things were going well for Arsenal and he comes in with his selfish intent of making Arsenal more profitable. The problem with businessmen entering Football is that they want to make more money in the minimum time. Dein might like Arsenal but he has come at the wrong time and disturbed the footballing peace and balance in the club and its supporters.

Wenger had the money and the time to buy a player and for his style of buying he doesnt need 100 million pouunds kitty to boot. And buying super stars doesnt guarantee a club of good football and prizes. The latter might come in, in the short term but the long term ideology of the club will be damaged forever. And the Russian just bought stakes in a sports channel in Russia and his intentions might be very clear on how he wants things to progress.

I just hope things settle down soon for the good.


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