Would they be the stars this year?

Last weekend’s premiership games saw two teams come on tops against a point-to-prove Man City and hard-working& fighting Spurs. Their goals came from highly unlikely sources. Two players who are very different in the style of play and finishing.

Fabregas joined Arsenal from Barcelona at the age of 16 and made his premiership debut when he was 17. He announced his arrival with a stellar performance against Man U in the community Shield in 2004-05 when Viera got injured. One of his notable feats in that match was winning the ball with a hard tackle from a very influential mid-fielder of Man U, Roy Keane. He was heralded as the replacement of Viera once the talismanic mid-fielder left the Gunners. Fabregas proved to be a much better replacement than people thought he would be. In the run-up to the Champions League final in 2005-06, Fabregas set up the goal against Juventus by winning the ball from Viera with a hard fought tackle.


Arsenal’s player of the season with more than 60% votes in 2006-07, Fabregas has the second highest number of assists in the Premier League in 2006-07. He already has 2 goals (1 each in the Premier League and Champions League) and 1 assist (Premier League) in the fisr 3 weeks of the start of the season. I am sure we will see more of this young gun in this year. He became the first player to breach the defence of Man City’s Richard Dunne, Micah Richards and Kasper Schemeichel. His goal which came at a crucial time was a well taken kick from the right side of the box beating Richards. It was a well hit shot hitting the roof of the goal, leaving no chance for Kasper.

Already the favourite player of every Arsenal fan, the number 4 is replacing all the number 14s from the Arsenal fans wishlist. 20 years and 109 appearances for the club, that is a huge achievement by any standard.

In Nani, Ferguson had an eye on the future as many say. He is fast, he is furious and he can also do the somersault after hitting the goal. The last act is not liked by Ferguson but he will pardon Nani for doing the stunt after scoring against Spurs in another frustrating encounter in the Premier League.


His goal which scraped past Tevez’s shoulder and thus deviating away from the stretched hands of  Robinson proved to be the winner. Tevez’s back pass was going away from the box, he tapped it with his back heel, stepped to the side, pushed it a bit forward and struck it well enough to land it in goal. You cannot write-off a team like Man U even if they lose the first 4 games of the season. He is the light but powerful version of Ronaldo and you can expect some fireworks from his as the season progresses.

So watch out for these stars of the future.



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4 responses to “Would they be the stars this year?

  1. minny-migget

    i think that taylor should get banned from football untill eduardo is back !!! … EDUARDO + FABREGAS are the best

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    fhb4bbrb rrf hr4yhgrbnbrtn5f5………………………

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