La Liga – Big Spending season

Arguably the best and toughest league in Europe starts in a few hours.

Each club has gone out to the market and made some very big buys. With Barca and Real doing the highest purchases of the season. Real doesnt look to have enough quality in their team but Barca will surely give a run for the money to any club in Spain or in Europe for that matter. The Barca frontline of Eto, Ronaldinho, Messi and Henry are proven goalscorers.

Here is an interesting bit from the Guardian on Real

” Real Madrid could hardly have set the bar any higher by sacking the man who won the league because he was “too boring”. There is something strangely admirable about insisting on a certain identity regardless of the results, as well as a realism that suggests those in the Bernabéu offices know that winning the title was a miracle. But there is something pretty dumb about it too, and something unfair: Capello did exactly what Capello was asked to do, exactly what everyone knew Capello would do, and (arguably) exactly what Madrid needed Capello to do. But still he got sacked. Madrid are beginning another season by completely ripping up one project and starting a whole new one – if you can even call it a project. It’s as if that league title, the one that ended the club’s longest drought in over half a century, never happened. Rarely can a champion have gone into the new season so engulfed in doubt.”

And like they said:

You can tell La Liga starts tomorrow.

Question is, how will it end?


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