Why did Zidane head-butt Matterazi?

Well the answer is finally out here


This incident probably cost France the World Cup and was the last touch by this Great Football Player on a Football ground. Sad that the man famous for his flamboyant moves and silken touches left the ground after landing a very hard blow to a irritating Italian.



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7 responses to “Why did Zidane head-butt Matterazi?

  1. Chimbo

    he deserved it especially after what he muttered in zizu’s ear!!!

  2. tttt

    he said your mam is a bitch

  3. Anonymous

    who gives a shit? that was freakin’ awesome

  4. He said hes mother and syster and his selv was in Al_QAIDA
    Its a terrorist team

  5. Tx

    When Materazzi grabbed Zidane’s jersey, Zidane offered it to him sarcastically. Materazzi then replied, “preferisco quella puttana di tua sorella” (I prefer the whore that is your sister), which resulted in the headbutt.

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