Arsenal battle hard & Lehmann gifts Rovers a point

Blackburn  Rovers 1-1 Arsenal

It was a fight out there. Savage (how apt) and gang had been bullying and biting on Arsenal for the last so many seasons. But this Arsenal team “Gives as good as it gets” according to the toughened Fabregas and he showed why he nor any of his team mates cannot be shoved away by the bullies of Blackburn Rovers. The little midfielder is showing strength and resilience in standing up to the challenges and then coming up with some wonderful tackling to gain the upper-hand.

Arsenal had flaws agreed, but that doesnt mean that we would give up in a battle of physical domination and kicks. Fabregas was stamped over by Pedersen unnecessarily and  he gave back in kind soon enough and Pedersen was left in pain and agony. To me the way Blackburn Rovers play against Arsenal shows fear…fear of being out-smarted if allowed to let them keep possession, like the 6 goal thrashing given last year. A physical game was expected but I am surprised how Blackburn players get more and more violent over the years.

Coming to talk about football and specifically on Arsenal team’s performance, I should start with Lehmann. He needs a break to get his confidence back. He was good in parts and his second mistake has now cost us 2 points. I think we have quality in our keeping department and it should be used now. Lehmann definitely needs to sit out for the next match. Defence was good and tight though we lost Gallas in the first half. I hope the decision to loan Djorou might not prove to be a mistake in the months ahead. Sagna was brilliant and Clichy had a silent game. I think in these two French players we have one of the best full-backs in the league. Sagna seems to be getting better with each game.


Midfield was again strong in handling the rough tactics employed by Blackburn players. Walcott still looks like a work-in-progres. The sooner he gets confidence to strike, like in the opportunity he had where he let a long ball which was away from Persie, frustrating the striker. Persie pounced on the only chance he had and was ably supported by Eduardo till he was substituted by Bendtner who had a easy chance towards the end of the second half to score the winning goal. I think he needs to play in the Carling Cup and FA cup to fine tune his finishing skills. I thought Flamini was just flaying around a bit and he gave away some 2-3 free-kicks right outside the box and the dead ball situations were a huge advantage for Rovers with their 6 ft 5 in Samba and red-carded capatin Nelsen.

Next week is Arsenal’s testing week as they take on the in-form team Man City at home. Should be a good match to watch this one.

in other matches, Man U crumbled yet again and in current fitness and form they are looking very shabby. The replacements are players with Championship quality. Will have to see how they fare against Tottenham who are on a recovery route. But you cannot write-off Ferguson and his team, that is for sure.

Sourinho has come put with the best quotes so far in the season. He says

“I have not seen it on TV so I was 30 metres away,” Mourinho told The Sun.

“Malouda opens his legs to let the ball run and he is brought down from behind – I think it’s a penalty.

“Do you think my players surround the referee? I have a naive team. We do not have any divers, no violent people, we do not have any nasty tackles. It’s a pure team.”

Well  to be fair to Liverpool they were unlucky in conceding the penalty and it seems the FA has taken action and the ref Styles will not be officiating the weekend matches for next week.


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