A job well done

Arsenal won the 1st leg of the Champions League qualifying beating Sparta Prague 2-0.  Both the goals coming in the last quarter of play and the last goal was the last piece of action in the match. Goals came from Fabregas who says 95% of that goal belongs to Clichy, which is quite true and from Hleb which was the culmination of a good long throw from Lehmann to Sagna and this was Sagna’s first assist for an Arsenal goal.


It was a very scrappy match with respect to the tackles thrown in and the physical approach to the whole game. Fabergas was involved in all the three key incidents. He was involved in the tackle with Sparta’s captain, Tomas Repka, who was substituted shortly. He did give his piece if mind to Fabregas before he left, but he cannot complain, it was a good sliding tackle from both players and it was just that Repka was in the receiving end of it. With all the booing from the crowd following that Fabregas scored the first goal. Later he was involved in the other end where he made a very strong tackle inside the box following a corner.


Hleb scored his second Arsenal goal in consecutive matches which should do his confidence a lot of good. This was courtesy a very typical Arsenal counter-attack which caught Sparta by surprise. Both the goals were assists from the full backs and Wenger must be happy.


Post Match Wenger has been talking about the resilience in the team and the fighting spirit in the team. I would like to see how they play against the big-three in the league. If they go a goal down against Chelsea would they fight back? Well lets hope such a scenario doesnt happen 🙂

In other matches in the EPL, Man U drew again. Tevez made his debut in Man U jersey and was instrumental in the Man U goal. He controlled, put down the challenges from the defender and presented the ball to Scholes to slam it in.

man-u-tevez.jpg man-u-ronaldo.jpg

Ronaldogot sent-off for head butting, which means the Champions of last year are in for a tough time with Rooney also unavailable. The 3 matches that Ronaldo will miss are the Manchester Derby away, Tottenham and Sunderland at home. The season is taking some really interesting turns in the begining, wonder how it will end!!!



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12 responses to “A job well done

  1. Noor Bulle

    every body knows no one can stop Man U.

  2. Anonymous

    noor bulle soccer

  3. i love manchester football club am oneof the fans in nigeria my name is loveday aremu kolade

  4. pizza

    arsenal r da best if u dont sapport them ur a b!tch

    *******areenal****** =]

  5. merci a cette…………..

  6. Wenger should go for a good striker like eto’o,david villa and the host others

  7. Wole mcb 200level oou

    I want barca to go for a good keeper dat will take us high dis season…up barca i am one of d fans from oou

  8. Rachit

    I am arsnel fan and my favorite player is fabregas and i want henry back in arsnel


  10. sod

    no one can stop man u?????oh,but we did,arsenal 4ever!!and we should get we e’to,henry,r.carlos,and kaka 2 our team!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am i of man u fans i pray will shall be d head up red devil.

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