Why Arsenal, why?

  • Why do you have to make your supporters go through matches like this?
  • Why do we always have to come from behind to win matches?
  • Why is Lehmann still the first choice Goalkeeper?
  • Why do we pass the ball around the box and not take a shot at goal?
  • Why do we have so may shots at goal but only so few goals?
  • Why do we have 20 goal attempts, 14 on target topped with 14 corners but just 2 goals to show for that?
  • Why do we not play the likes of Fulham, Sunderland etc the same way we play the Chelseas and MUs?

But having said all that I think my previous post about this team having a fighting spirit has been proved beyond doubt. They did this comeback play some 15 times last season and I hope for once against these lower sides we would be able to score 2 goals in the first half and the  Arsenal fans can sit and relax for a while, instead of sitting at the edge and panic.

I had to leave a friend of mine at the airport and hence saw only the first half. But I think it is a good omen and maybe this season will be a lucky one for us. Last year I sat and watched Arsenal draw at home if I am not mistaken. But this time we won and what a comeback win.

In terms of player performance, Lehmann was pathetic and needs to be dropped for the next match. Hleb was in his favourite position and thank god he didnt pass the ball and slammed it home for the second goal. Rosicky had a few shots on goal which is encouraging. Toure got us the penalty and once again he shows his aggressiveness in going forward and trying to do something to get a goal. I like his attitude like that. But if there is something I dont like about him, it is the long balls forward which he is not good at. Most of the time it is nowhere near an Arsenal player and is easy pick for the opposing defence or goalie. It is best if he can pass it around and take it forward. Eboue-Sagna combination is the best right side combination I can think of presently.

In other matches, Chelsea seems to be leaking at the back. But how many times have we seen Essien coming up with a wonder strike to make that bit of difference. I still remember his equaliser at Stamford Bridge against Arsenal. That saved Chelsea from losing for the first time in 2 years at home. And the Man U match proves that even with 60 million pounds you cannot get a goal against a very solid defence of 10 men, forget 11 men. I was surprised that Fergie chose such a weak team. His options were so bad that Evra played midfield, OShea played forward and he had Silvestre, Fletcher etc in the sub bench. Cmon when you spend so much money why are you hiding your players. And Sunday was a Goalie day I guess, first it was the Fulham goalie and then it was Hahnemann (hope I spelt it right), the Reading goalie. They could get nothing wrong whereas Lehmann was clumsy. It was so funny that if it was not Arsenal I would have been rolling on the floor with laughter.

Wenger if you are listening, please change the goalie for the next match. Almunia was in good form in pre-season and will be not clumsy like Lehmann.


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