Community Shield 2007/08

So Man U take on Chelsea in the season opener Community shield on sunday. This has been a contrasting pre-season transfer window for both the clubs. Lots if new faces and pounds have been splashed and we should get to watch some good football hopefully.

Reigning champions Man U had plenty of action at the beginning of the season and right at the end of the season. They got Nani, Anderson and their much-awaited Hargreaves as soon as the transfer window opened. Andtheir long wait for Tevez seems to be over a week before the League kicks off. With Tevez and Rooney at the front, Nani and Ronaldo in the flanks, Giggsy and Scholes at the middle of the park and at times in the wings, this seems to be the most potential attacking team in Europe, rivalling Bayern and the Barca quartet of Eto, Ronaldinho, Messi and Henry. We should see plenty of goals and some good individual skills from Nani and Ronaldo (he has put on weight).

Chelsea on the other hand had a whole lot of free transfer signings, quite unlike Mourinho or should I say Abrahmovich. The only money spent was I think well spent on Malouda, the best player in the French Ligue 1. He might get to play in all the matches if Real snap up Robben. And if second season is the blossoming of stars in the EPL, then we should also see Shevchenko and Ballack get some headlines. Mourinho has to make the neutral fans watch Chelsea play and for that he would have to put a dose of attacking football into the otherwise boring Chelsea style of play.

Most of the times the Community Shield is seen as a loosening up game for the season and expecting a good match might be out of place. I just hope they dont play like the last time they played in Wembley. May the crowd get to see some football, not entertaining though.


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