U-20 World Cup & other news

Argentina reached the finals of the under-20 World cup in Canada, beating Chile in a bad-tempered matc. In 90 miuntes, there were 53 fouls, 2 red cards (both to Chilean players), 9 yellow cards (7 to Chile and 2 to Argentina) and it would not be wrong to say that the German referee was a bit partial towards Argentina.

As soon as the ref blew the final whistle the Chilean substitutes and coaching staff came over to have a word with the ref and his assistants. The referees had to be escorted out of the ground. When the ref handed the 2nd red card to Currimilla Dagoberto, a Chilean supporter came down into the ground but fortunately the Chilean players caught hold of him and didnt let him get close to the ref.



Argentina had a good match but they were partially responsible for bringing the game to dis-repute for all the dives they committed to, from the slightest touch by a Chilean player.

The first goal was scored by Arsenal bound Di Maria Angel.


He has agreed to join Arsenal according to The Independent along with a 17 yr old Brazilian Pedro. Di Maria is one of the stars of this edition of u-20 World Cup.

The most intriguing match in this U-20 world cup should be the quarter-final between Chile and Nigeria. Chile had the meanest defence and they conceded a goal only in the semis against Argentina and I should say that this quarter final also had 51 fouls, but 30 from Nigeria. It was intriguing because in full time the score was 0-0. And after the extra time of 30 minutes the score read 4-0 in favour of Chile…beat that!

Talking of extra-time…the just concluded Copa America, did not have any extra time…it was straight penalties after 90 minutes!

Would Arsenal buy another forward. I would say, even if they dont I think it should be fine. Too much should not be read into the friendlies but still if Persie is in form them with  Adebayor, Walcott, Bendtner and Eduardo…we should be a formidable line-up!


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