6 matches, 24 goals

Well that is Copa America for you. They play flawless football and score goals to win rather than play out a scoreless draw to qualify for the next round. In six games we have seen it all

  • goals and more goals, hat trick and 5-0 win and 3-2 wins
  • Upsets : Brazil getting beaten by Mexico, Peru beating Uruguay
  • Comebacks: Chile coming back twice from behind before winning it
  • Complete Attacking Football: Though Argentina struggled initially, quality came through finally. The third goal by Aimar was a beautiful eg of team work. Brazil attacked relentlessly for 30 odd mins in the 2nd half without a goal.

This tournament so far has also not seen any huge refereeing controversy or any injury-feigning and diving 🙂 Too early to judge the success of the tournament but nevertheless it has shown whats in store for the next two weeks.

A few facts about Copa America

  • Copa America is organised by CONMEBOL, the South American Football Confederation consisting of 10 members – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela
  • Two invited teams from other confederations complete the 12-team field. This year it is Mexico and US
  • The Copa América is the oldest surviving international football competition in the world, as it was held for the first time between July 2 and July 17, 1916 as part of the commemorations of Argentina’s independence centenary.
  • It was normally held every two years,until 2007, when CONMEBOL decided that the tournament would henceforth be held every four years
  • Two teams from other confederation, who have participated over the years include – Costa Rica, Mexico, US, Japan (!!!)
  • Argentina and Uruguay has won the tournament 14 times with Brazil winning it 7 times

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