Bye Henry. It was great while it lasted

By far the most famous player to leave Arsenal, Thierry Henry will be remembered for all the goals he scored for Arsenal, for all the small battles he won for Arsenal in the last 8 years or so he was there. Number 14 will no longer be the same.


Now would he be missed? Yes and No. Yes to some extent as he was the experienced voice to calm down the young nerves of Persie, Adebayor, Fabregas and the other young brigade. No because, Arsenal played more than half the season without him and did a  decent job out of it. And to be very frank if there is one key player in the team today it has to be Fabregas and not Henry.

The partnership of Arsene and Henry comes to an end this season. And it leaves a lot of doubt in the minds of Arsenal fans whether Arsene will also leave the club, come the end of the season when his contract ends.


It will not be the same again in Emirates stadium where Henry walked out with the captain’s armband. Lets wait and see what Arsenal do with this 16 million pounds. Arsenal will surely miss Henry but the English football will also lose a star player who was one of the most skillful players in the league.

Let me wish Henry for the best of the rest of his career in Barca except against Arsenal. And thanks a lot for all those wonderful memories.



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91 responses to “Bye Henry. It was great while it lasted

  1. Must be a tough, tough day for all Gooners. You have my sympathies, even if I’m struggling to make sense of it all (

  2. Vin

    I feel sorry for Arsenal but then given that Barca is my next fav. after ManU, I am ecstatic:))))))))) But just hoping that they dont end up being a RM (of 3 years back).
    Is Eto joining Arsenal in a swap deal or something?
    Dude, you are correct in saying that Arsenal did pretty well without him last season, but they surely missed him! The quality in strike was absent! You had likes of Gilberto and Baptista scoring but none as consistently as Henry! Hope Arsenal dont fare bad this season. And yes, the team should revolve around Fabregas now – the play maker!

  3. aad ayaan u xiiseeseeyaa cayaarta henry

  4. Anonymous

    Arsenal is the best team in the premire-ship

  5. ina

    hello henry
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Soheil

    Im soheil . Iranian boy love you .

  7. Elizabeth

    i love you so much

  8. Shilo

    Hey!!!!! henery love ur skills etc… Im from the caribbean Cayman Islands Cayman Barc!!! justs wanna say hey!!

  9. Shilo

    HENRY******** lil mistake lol 😛

  10. Silvio

    i think your a skillful player…Cayman Islands Cayman Brac

  11. Reeva

    i love you Cyaman Islands Cayman Brac

  12. Dolapo

    Henry,i miss him so much as a person for not seeing him regularly unlike before in the premiership.i also miss him among other gunner players and all his sensational goal scoring habit.
    well,he’s gone so lifr goes on.I am just happy for him coz he has achieved a lot.what else.Henry hhhhhmmmmm i miss him soooo much

  13. hi henry i am your love from eritrea i miss u so much

  14. i am gamuur i love arsenal

  15. kkkkkkkkkkkkk henery wey kuga daadsan tahya sxb arsenalna kor ayey u socotaa kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i am somaliya

  16. miteku ayene

    i lave u henry and when i grow up i am going to be like u i am miteku ayene one of the best player in my team live in western australia from africa.


    سلام بر Henry

  18. sow abdoul karim

    bonjour hary je t;aime baucoup

  19. Anonymous

    You are the best but you must go back to arsenal bicause arsenal need’s you so I ;]

  20. David Kamau

    Henry you are my all time hero and i dont think there will be another player who will match your skills and tactics

    Bravo brother

    God bless u


    From Boston

  21. ali

    i iove u very much henry.موفقيتت آرزوي من است.

  22. jas go sakam arsenal

  23. herry bese car za site fbaleri ke go bara arsenal

  24. arsenal bese car za site ekipi za zali go nama henry

  25. nouri

    hi i love you this site is very nice i like it i like ^.^ you



  27. miguel

    kurto totil a tua manera de jugar futebol

  28. Aiden

    Henry im ur biggest fan i think u ar the best player an i believe that u will get ur top form back at barca

  29. Aiden Dow

    Just a matter of time then he will be the leading goalscorer of all times for barcelond mark my words

  30. ,L#

    fuck you
    you son of a boich

  31. jasio

    Are from Barcelona

  32. jasio

    real madryt to sa największe pizdy i huje na świecie i pierdolone skurwiele

  33. klau

    Te vagy a legjobb!Du bist die beste!

  34. festim

    tung mire je ne jena mire te fala krejtve

  35. Amanullah Zaher

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I am student at Taunton College southampton and i would like to have your permission to use your images to my powerpoint Presentation on Arsenal. My things will be not be used for any commercials purposes which i am only susing the images for my courswork in the College.

    Your Sincerly

    Amanullah Zaher

  36. freekicker

    Dear Zahar,
    Oh yes please do. Actually all the images are borrowed from various sites, so its no problem.
    Thanks to everyone who has left a comment on this blog and especially in this entry. Henry was great, but will not be missed 🙂

  37. the probleme of this pecture is that tis pecture it’s not very clair

  38. tu es vraiment un etoille de foot-ball.mais avec FC barcellone tu na q’un joueur normal

  39. rezza

    okay, we all miss henry. But guess what? our favorite team is collectively stronger now.And i think,arsene knew what he did. Henry is reaching the end of his carrier. Watching how Bendtner, Adebayor, Fabregas, Hleb, Van Persie enjoy their football now, i can’t say i miss Henry that much..

    by the way, i like this site very much…

  40. Clint

    I’m doing a school report on arsenal and doing a part on henry leaving were can i find info on his career??


  41. oooo
    best europ baj kosovo


  43. Diego Alejandro Gomez Lopez

    Henry are very good, it remains well
    And write more goals, and has played more


  44. jussie

    henry wymiata

  45. saman

    im saman I LOVE YOU

  46. jim

    He is my favo player of the whole world i miss him really in arsenal he was a good player in the gunners but bij fcb he is good and he stay good as fcb wint and he scores im happy so happy!!

  47. andr

    i love henrry

  48. i love henrry he is kul

  49. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol
    lol lol lol

  50. godwin

    i want to say, that i want henry to come back to ASENAL becuase that is were his football carier lies.

  51. try realy hard to be the top player in Barcelona and try to aim your shoots.

  52. henry jr

    So da world what u made of show them them the henry the record holder of the premier league and leading goalscorer of all times for his country

  53. henry jr

    Henry is da best player in the beautiful game its strange that he hasnt woned the fifa playa of the year award yet.who wants to argue huh……

  54. Aiden

    Guys u wil c da best of him if rijkaard uses the 4-4-2 deformation .

  55. I Lov Henry Veq vazhdo ti qyshtu edh pse je largu prej arsenalit lov yuo

  56. Arton

    hello qysh jemore

  57. chelsea supporter

    henry u were the crapest player evr on arsenal

  58. arBror

    Thierry Henry is The best PLayer in the woRld man:D 😉

  59. TITO


  60. Lena from KOSOVO …I love you honry

  61. Gavranic ilija

    I don˙t love thierry henry i LOVE ANDRIY MIKOLAYOVICH SHEVCHENKO!!! I live in belgrade but i am from serbian country KOSOVO! SERBIA! SERBIA!

  62. My name is john paul ilove arsenal

  63. brandomw

    para de3cir que thierry henry es el mejor jugador y el mas
    completo de todos por eso es el mejor y siempre lo sera
    solo sera un instannte para que vuelva hacer como lo era en el arenal ingles
    donde ahi fue el mejor y siempre lo sera y no entiendo
    como no pudo conseguir en balon de oro
    simplemente thierry henry el mejor de todos……….


  65. lucas lara

    hola thierry lo que te queriamos decir es que vuelbas a el arsenal

  66. hasib

    oh oh oh henry you are so lovely i know because you play very very well and i love you very much

  67. egzon

    You are the best player thierry henry i(L) you man see you

  68. Anonymous

    i love him

  69. junky

    u r the worst player i ve ever seen
    wat da hell do u think
    that u r the best

    but still i m saying GOOD LUCK 2 u

    have fun
    ur haters

  70. fahad

    africa power


    get lost

  71. black demon

    african power
    u r kool man
    go back to arsenal don’t be shy man they need u
    understand bro!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ur fan

  72. hi dude
    im gonna be a super star just like u when i grow up
    i m from iran i know that peopl dont like us but im gonna do my best
    ur bigeeeeeeeeeeeest fan
    MAD dog

  73. i’ll always love you and miss you henry you are my inspiration and will alwas be my all time player

  74. Anonymous

    henry is a fucking monkeyyyyyyyy

  75. i blive hanry is stupid man becaus he left arsenal

  76. Anonymous

    dat anonymous person get ur facts rite coz he does not look like a monkeyy he is sexyy

  77. henry14

    Arsenal is my fav team,and i know they have a lot of good players like Nasri,Fabregas,Adebayor,V.persie, Gallas and more.But Henry is my fav player,and to tell you the truth,Henry kinda made Arsenals history big and famous.He was always at the top of his form,and always made it to the top scoring list.This season Arsenal still have a lot of work to do,they have been losing and drawing a lot.With out Henry they can do good,but with Henry they can do better,for a captin to leave his team it kinda gets me down…….i hope your comfortable where you are now Henry………But ARSENAL needs you,and we want you BACK…….ARSENAL AND HENRY ONCE A GUNNER ALWAYZ A GUNNER

  78. Kazad

    Henry is now not a part of the Gunners, face it, life goes on.The Gunners need to spend on a decent stiker as i dont think Abadayer is up to the task. The midfield is fine same as the back but injuries have taken there toll.I do worry about the push with youth though, a couple of older heads would be a good settling influence. however though we might struggle for honours this year dont forget ARSENE KNOWS!!!

  79. Nathan keevil

    u r the best henry

  80. jose

    very good player men

  81. Larry

    henry is one of my best player of the world

  82. Larry

    henry is one of my best player


  84. Moscow Delight

    Henry is a cheater!!!!!!

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