A La Liga climax and the Henry mystery

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla can be the winner of La Liga this season. It is a fitting finale to the league and talks about the quality of Spanish League. Though the EPL had one of the closest fought race to the top, La Liga seems to be doing one better than them.

Barcelona have themselves to blame for the collapse in their form midway in the league and for conceding a goal in the ladt seconds of their last match. But if they were in any other league, they would have been on top of Real Madrid based on goal difference, but La Liga looks at only head to head with the team with same points and there Real beat them 2-0 away and they drew 3-3 home.

Real have to thank two Man U players for their season revival – Nistelrooy and Beckham. Both had differences with Alex Ferguson and departed Man U in 2002 and 2006. Nistelrooy can be the winner of the European Golden Boot if he scores one more goal tonight and Beckham can go out of Europe in style if he can curl a free-kick to goal or to a Real player for a goal.

Sevilla can walk away with a double if both Real and Barca lose and they win tonight. Kanoute is pissed as he has been called from a important African nations qualifier to play for Sevilla.

And I think it is high time that Henry decided whether he wants to continue in the club and be remebered as an Arsenal great or go to Barca and be just another signing there. I think either ways Arsenal should look ahead. He can be like Viera and disappear in the Serie A (When did you last read about Viera’s play?) or be remebered forever. Whatever decision he takes he better do it fast.


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One response to “A La Liga climax and the Henry mystery

  1. Vin

    yeaaaaaaaaa…Beckham caps his european exit with the La-Liga title. And ironic to your post, the person who helped them win it in the last ditch is none other than the Arsenal loan – Reyes!!
    But due credit to Beckham. After being branded by Capello as a 2nd rate hollywood actor, it required immense dedication and strength of mind to pull himself back to one of his top forms in recent years. What a comeback.
    I am slowly fearing that Barca is going to be similar to RM 3 years back – they are doing some heavy signings and willl be a glamour team with no co-ordination! Hopefully RM is back to its winning days with the big guns going different ways – No more Ronaldo, Carlos, Beckham – to say the least.
    Barca did all they could to win the title last evening, but the title was RM’s. Anyway well done RM.

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