Football dominance shifting continents

Every year when you watch the European leagues you would have noticed how the number of players of African and Asian origin are increasingly dominating the leagues. It was the South Americans for some time but the future belongs to Africa and Asia.

Simple eg. The Scottish player of the year was the free-kick specialist Nakamura. His free kicks and playmaking led the Celtics to yet another Scottish Premier league win.

In the top 4 clubs in the EPL, there are important players of African/Asian origin

Man U – Louis Saha, Park Ji-Sung (Ferguson is known for signing players from Europe & Asia rather than Africa)

Chelsea – Drogba, Makelele, Essien, Kalou (Heavily dependent on the African players)

Liverpool – Sisxoko (Well Rafa is bad at buying players. And I dont like Sissoko at all)

Arsenal – Henry, Adebayor, Toure, Eboue (Wenger thrives on buying younger players, especially the Africans who migrate to France)

The next wave of dominance will be from Asians, especially the chinese. Man U already has one Chinese forward in their squad. But the story of how the African players come to play in the league is often very touching. I have read the interview of Drogba, Yakubu etc and its a hard life out there. These guys are role models in their country and African Nations Cup is a keenly watched tournament by the European scouts.
This story in the Guardian talks about what is happening in Africa, the middlemen, the families and the footballing ambition. I am sure someday this structure will change.


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